Monday, February 25, 2013

Sorry this one isn't funny.

I haven't written in here for a couple of days, seeing as I decided instead to have a nice, quiet weekend instead. It was nice.

Update: I officially have Junioritis. Yes, that is a term. And it's not just something that I made up my junior year of high school because I wanted to feel special like all of the seniors who had some common disease in common, but because Junioritis actually exists, I promise you. 

I first noticed this phenomenon the spring before my senior year of high school. I had done really well in high school thus far, just kind of chillin' out, being an underclassman, coming into my teenage years, you know, the likes, then BAM. All of a sudden, I find that I don't give a single crap about school anymore. Thinking about it, Junior year is kind of like a Thursday night. You kind of still have homework and stuff to do, and things to worry about, but inside your head, there's a part of you that just doesn't care, because tomorrow is Friday, and it'll all sort itself out. That's kind of like Junior year. Except instead of looking forward to a big, fun weekend, you get to look forward to being serious about whatever comes after your weekend, whatever comes next for you. 

So anyway, I have rediscovered this uncanny feeling, and have diagnosed myself yet again, with Junioritis. Except it's a lot less fun this time, because instead of doing insignificant high school work, I'm doing insignificant college work. The only difference is that there is substantially more insignificant work that you can't get away with not doing in college. The next big difference is that when in high school, you look forward to college. In college, you look forward to real life. It's a bit daunting. Honestly though, I've reached a dangerous point in my academic career. 

It's kind of that point where you realise just how long you've been in school. Seriously. I've been in school from the time I was about five years old. That's a long time to spend in a classroom. The past fifteen years of my life have revolved around school, around books, around tests, around teachers. Ridiculous. Now, I know that college is a wonderful opportunity that not everyone gets. I know that these years are being spent in this institution of higher learning just to obtain a little piece of paper that is seemingly very important in a job market. I am well aware of the sacrifices that I have to make to ensure a better future. That's why I'm still here, duh.

In short, I left this post for a while to go eat dinner, but in the meantime, I have googled "tired of college" and have never felt this in touch with the internet community before. So I know it's a real thing, which I should have known, since there's a really low percentage of students who actually end up with degrees after four years. In the meantime, I guess I'll just do it. I only have 11 weeks left, which feels like an eternity, but I guess it'll get here. 

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