Saturday, February 16, 2013

My own Wikipedia legacy

Alright, so this morning I've completely given up on sleep, since last night I had a dream that a cat was constantly biting my fingers as I tried to go to sleep, then I got up around 3 am and tossed and turned, then I finally got back to sleep and woke up now, so I think it's safe to say sleep is just not happening this morning. Thank you, cat. I bet my body actually just had this fear to see it again when I went back to sleep, so instead of dreaming, my subconscious was like, sleeping with one eye open to keep watch for the cat.

For once, I actually have no clue what to write about this morning. So I guess I will just have to start with one of those random thoughts that I have.

My life goal is to have my own Wikipedia page. 
I once edited Wikipedia. It felt empowering. I went to a Wikipedia page on corn, and changed the word "increased" to the word "decreased." I felt so bad. But it was like one of those instances that no one really cares about. It's like when you use limewire for the first time and you download one illegal song and you're like "hey guys... You'll never believe what I just did!" And everyone else is like "uh, yeah join the club." Or like when you have one glass of wine at a family meal at the age of 14 and you feel so bad because you're totally convinced that you were SO DRUNK. And then you go around talking about how much you love wine and everyone else is like, "Okay, cool, you want a cookie?"

Anyways, tangents aside, I'm kind of at a disadvantage here, because I kind of waited until the late 20th century to start existing. Seriously. Do you know how many people have lived before me, and how many legacies have been created? There can only be one Adele. There can only be one Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately, there can be an obscene amount of untalented pop singers, but I have more respect for myself than to write a song about a day of the week. I mean, people these days have to get more and more creative to become memorable. Just look at Mumford & Sons. In the midst of a world of shitty pop music they were like "BAM. Folk music." They basically became famous overnight. Now you'll notice that you hear more folk music, but for some reason it doesn't have the same popularity as Mumford & Sons.*

*a disclaimer about Mumford & Sons: first of all, I am well aware of the fact that there is a lot of really good folk music out there. I listen to it. I have absolutely no clue why Mumford & Sons became more popular than some of the others. Now for the hipsters, who feel the need to hate on Mumford & Sons just because they are a popular band playing folk music, lighten up. They are a good band. You don't need to hate every single thing that is popular because you are superior to the masses.

Now, back to what I was saying. Kind of disadvantaged here. Every passing moment, i have bigger and bigger shoes to fill. However, all of those people had something in common. They took something that they loved and had a decent talent at, and they made something of themselves. I think that sometimes, that is all you need. There will be talented musicians, talented artists, talented writers, actors/actresses, political figured, etc, who will all, one day, earn their own Wikipedia page for perfecting their talents and never giving up. Unfortunately, there will also be a lot of assholes who also earn their own Wikipedia page for perfecting their talent of just being an asshole, like Hitler. And Kim Kardashian, who I guess isn't so much of an asshole as she is "useless, untalented, spoiled rotten whiny bitch." Whatever happens though, it's not like I need my legacy to be on a web page. There are Wikipedia pages for people who probably go unread anyway. Besides, half of the Wikipedia pages I read anyway are on fictional characters on tv shows.

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