Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Prepare yourselves, this one is hefty. Actually not really.

Yeah, this post is probably going to be the mother of all posts, because honestly, I'm coming up with all of these ideas, and it's backing up my blog schedule by like, three weeks. So I basically just need an idea purge and I figure this blank white space is the best place to do it.

First off, I'm going to talk about dreams, because they are one of the coolest things your brain does. See, your brain is all like "well, eight hours is a long time to sleep, so here, I'm gonna tell you some stories." Except you're in them, which is the ultimate kind of fun. Except when they're bad, but we won't go there for now. Now, I always take this a step further, because I honestly believe that your subconscious is this magical place in your brain that senses things that you don't notice. Kind of like a fortune teller, except for the present. I always like to turn to the internet, because you can find a nice little dream dictionary and I look up what everything means. Now, I've had two pretty vivid dreams this past week, and I was going to interpret them here and now, but that's what a dream journal is for, and I'm pretty sure no one gives a shit what's going on in my fucked up subconscious anyway. :)

Next, I guess I'm going to talk about the concept of facebook and why it's so dumb. Then I will attempt to explain why I'm still on it all the time, but will fail miserably. Okay, so I think Mark Zuckerberg kind of had the right idea at first, and I'm sure was completely unaware of the fact that he would revolutionise the way that we socialise. Actually, I changed my mind, I'm just going to talk about the concept of unfriending. First of all, it's not "defriending." That just sounds dumb. Second, of all of the people on my facebook friends list, I would say that besides family, only about 10 other people are people who I actually consider friends. When I say friends, I mean people who are allowed to call me at 3:47 am with a personal problem. I mean people who I would actually consider taking the advice of. People who deserve speed dials in my phone. People that I would consider sharing bacon with. I run down this list when I've decided my boredom is unbearable and I need another human being to be around. You get the point. Now the rest of my "friends" can fall under a couple of categories:

1) You are disgusting and I need to stalk your life periodically to feel better about mine.
2) You were a bitch in high school and when you get hit in the face with the karma stick, I'd like to see it.
3) You go to college with me, so I feel obligated to keep you on there in case we ever run into each other.
4) You're just an interesting person, and I'd like to see what you do in life.
5) You post funny things all the time that make me happy.

I'm actually kind of done writing about how dumb facebook is, because it's becoming one of those things that the more I write about it, the less I really care. This is kind of like when I wrote an entire paper on the Medieval Warm Period. It sounded alright at first, then by the eighth page, I really didn't give a shit about how warm it was. I started off like "YEAH, VIKINGS!" and the excitement quickly wore off after the 17th article about ice cores.

Anyway, I actually don't feel much like writing anymore because I'm in one of those moods where I have to clean my room. Which is odd, because the mess hasn't bothered me at all for the past six months, but for some reason, my brain wants it done now. My brain is such a woman sometimes...

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