Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Since everyone else is talking about it...

As a student of Towson University, I am acclimated to certain things: annoying daily announcements delivered via email, tomato mozzarella panini's from P-Tux, long lines for omelettes or pasta, and, of course, seeing my university in the news on a routine basis.

Now, a lot of universities get recognition for a ton of great things- outstanding faculty, sustainability projects, their sports teams, etc. and I feel as though Towson has a lot of these things. I've had some really great professors. The campus is green enough for me. Our football team doesn't suck. I mean, we have a good amount of things going for us. When people ask me where I go to school, and I tell them, "Towson University," and then they ask me how I like it, I don't sugarcoat things. I tell them that it's okay. It's basically a commuter school, and I'm really not a fan of campus life, but as far as value goes, I'm definitely pleased. It's not Harvard; it's an in-state public school, and as far as in-state public schools go, I'd say Towson is doing pretty well. For the most part, anyway. But we won't get into that.

People may also say, "Oh, Towson? I've seen you all in the news lately." To which I roll my eyes. Because we're not in the news for anything wonderful. We're in the news because of something dumb. We're in the news because of a "White Student Union."

Now, before you get on my case about freedom of speech and all that shit, I will give you a basic rundown about how I feel about this group.

I realise that there are many student unions here on campus, and I'm fine with any group that just wants to get together and celebrate their culture. That's fine. That's not hurting anyone. I don't care "what culture you're celebrating" and I don't care what you're doing to celebrate it. Like I said, as long as nobody is being hurt, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you really feel insecure enough about being a white person that you need to form a group and "celebrate European history and culture" together, be my guest.

Which brings me to another point. Exactly what European history and culture are you celebrating? I emailed them with this question and they still haven't answered back. Apparently going to a conservative action conference and advocating racial segregation is considered "celebrating European culture?" I don't get it.

Next, I really don't feel the need to be escorted around by these people at night. Campus is relatively safe, and as long as you're not walking around at like, 10 pm, you're fine. If you need to get somewhere at 10 pm, there is a shuttle. Honestly, I just don't understand this group. Let's go and chalk a bunch of racist shit all over campus and then offer to escort people around at night! It just doesn't make sense to me. Not to mention, of course, every evening when I go to practice, I almost always see a Towson police officer at some point during the walk. So, I mean, they're doing their job. I really don't need a bunch of white supremacists escorting me around at night. I don't care how much "firearms training" and pepper spray you have. This leads me to yet another point.

How the hell are you going to write on your blog (which, of course, is on the internet for everybody to see) that you went to firearms training in order to establish night patrols on a college campus and not expect the entire campus to be pissed off with you? This is the number one thing that I don't understand. They have a blog with an about section that states a very vague mission: to celebrate European culture and history. Well, I would like to remind them that European history and culture is very broad. So what exactly are they celebrating? How are night patrols helping their mission? I don't understand. On said blog, they basically celebrate the fact that they have been labeled a hate group, and just continue to let people know how proud they are to be so extreme, and then the president of the club goes on the news and talks to the school newspaper about how victimised they are, and how many death threats they've received, and how everyone who is opposed to his stupid club is just intolerant and doesn't have their facts right. The president also goes on to say how if the Black Student Union decided to do night patrols, they would get away with it. Uh, news flash, they haven't been dumb enough to bring up the idea. You're not helping anyone on campus, you're just looking to get another five minutes in the news. Really, get over yourself.

To my next point. I think this White Student Union is less of an actual organisation with an actual mission, and more of a way for an insecure student to get his name in the news. Seriously, if you go to the blog, he refers to himself as "Commander." Really? You're a college undergrad, not a dictator. And also, if this really was just an innocent little club with no intention of doing any harm, then "president" would do just fine. Commander? Really? Give me a fucking break. It's bad enough you want to follow me around at night with your knowledge of firearms, but I definitely would not like to have to call you Commander every time I tell you to get out of my face.

Now, I would typically end with something about how much this group sucks, but it's giving them the attention they want. In fact, this whole blog post has given them all the attention they want. I'm not going to give them a death threat, because it's what they want. They want to be painted as martyrs. They want people to see them as victims in a cruel world of "liberal media and multiculturalism." I refuse to stoop to their level, though. I refuse to give them as much hate as they have given everybody else on campus, because it doesn't make me any better of a person. Honestly, I'm just going to hope this kid gets laid sometime soon, so that he can find something better to do with his time then run a hate group.

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