Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My time spent as a secluded individual

Alright, I caved. I feel kind of bad for it, but it's all Bill Cosby's fault. But I'll talk about that another time.

Basically this whole "no social internet" stuff was really good for me, and in a way, I wish that I could just keep my facebook deactivated, because it was so nice, but unfortunately, facebook is just the way that my generation communicates nowadays. Actually, you know what? I may just deactivate it again. There. I've done it. It feels great. I actually kept a diary of the past few days without the internet.

Actually I just reactivated it again. I'm really having an internet identity crisis here.

Anyway, my times without social networking:

Sunday night: Within the span of about two hours, I cleaned my dorm room, I organised my bookshelf, I took out the trash, I did the dishes, and put all of my clothes away. I also sorted a bunch of stuff and I now have a bag full of stuff that I don't need ready to go home. I know people are reading this and thinking, really? How hard could that have been? You cleaned your room. Congrats, want a cookie? But seriously, you didn't see my room. Actually, I couldn't even see my room, since it was such a mess. All I saw was mess. But seriously, I got more done in two hours than I have in two months and it felt GREAT.

Monday night: I've made it 24 hours without social networking. I'm starting to feel kind of lonely. I catch myself automatically typing "facebo-" in the web address bar before I stop myself. I did, however, get a B+ on a test I was sure I was actually going to fail, so that's good. I also finished all of my homework. And I walked four miles. But I've started to feel the "deserted island" effect. Kind of like when you are at a party full of people and you just get up and leave out of the blue and then you start feeling really lonely even though you're the one who left everyone. I am going through the period now where I'm trying to justify everything by saying something like, "oh, well if I'm not happy without talking to others, then I probably should just reactivate everything and connect with reality again." On the other hand though, I did this for myself in order to catch up on everything that I was leaving unfinished. Cutting myself off for now is a good thing, it's just that my brain is still like a baby and when I can't see people, I just assume they don't exist. It's weird. But whatever. I'll get through it.

Tuesday: I decided that if I'm basically cutting myself off from civilisation, I'd better get some good books to read, so I woke up this morning and bought "The Alchemist" and "The Prophet," because they're both self discovery books with awesome reviews, which I feel would be a good thing for me. Actually, since "The Prophet" is online as well, I went ahead and read a chapter and my life is already better for doing so. After reading that, I was like, okay, since I'm on a roll, I should keep reading awesome things, so then I read "Body Ritual Among the Nacirema," which was also awesome. Then I called to get my taxes done. Then I walked three miles. Then I made four maps. Then I went out and hung out with a friend, came back, finished my homework, and it was awesome. Today I really discovered that there is a lot more to the internet than I originally thought. There's so much awesome reading material out there, so many things to learn, so many videos to watch. The internet is kind of like an iceberg actually. I only see the top 10%, that being facebook, my email, etc., but there is SO MUCH MORE AND IT'S AWESOME. I mean, there's way more to the world too, but we already knew that. I would have done more today, but there's a blizzard coming and I've reached the point (since it's 1 am and I'm not going to sleep anytime soon) that I really hope we don't have class tomorrow....

So yeah, my time without the social internet.

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