Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Twenty years old, and I'm searching for life's answers inside fortune cookies...

I know it's late, and I meant to write this last week, but hey, better late than never. In light of the Easter holiday, I decided to write about something "Easter-y," and by "Easter-y," I mean something kind of weird that happened to me that my friend told me to write about.

First, I should mention that I'm going to be a Godmother. My cousin asked me to be Godmother of his daughter who's going to be born in May. Now, if you know me, you're probably very confused and scratching your head right now... I mean, come on. I own a shirt that has Jesus riding a dinosaur on it. Who is really going to put me in charge of the spiritual upbringing of their child?

My cousin. That's who. And I'm excited about it, so haters gonna hate.

I had this long story planned out, but being that it is the internet, and I don't feel like writing in detail, you all get the spark notes version. On one Sunday morning, I woke up feeling pretty miserable. I was exhausted, and feeling kind of unloved. And then I saw the stuffed piggy that I have on my desk for said Goddaughter. And then I was like, hey, if God exists, I should just ask him to give me some sort of sign or something. Like millions of other people haven't done that before... I mean, if he exists, it's probably the second most sought after prayer after the whole, "help me win the lottery/get skinny/find love" shit. Which brings me to a tangent.

If God exists, you really think he's up there waiting to grant your every wish like a genie? No. Tangent over, because I really don't feel like discussing the topic of religion when I'm up to my eyeballs in homework and I'm run down and grumpy and exhausted.

So anyway, back to the story. I'm laying there, on my bed, contemplating the meaning of life and whatnot, my purpose in people's lives, whether or not there really is a God (I should mention too that it was a Sunday morning. This is what I do instead of church, and I like it just fine), then I'm like "Hey, God, if you're up there, why don't you make yourself useful and give me a sign or something?" Then, once I'm all done, I go eat some eggs. Such is my life.

Later that evening, a great turn of events allowed me to stay at home another night, and to celebrate, I was like, "hey, significant other, let's go get some chinese food." So we did. And it was great. Then came the fortune cookies. One said something about how talented I am in the arts and music, and I was thankful that I had this cookie to remind me. I only get this fortune cookie every time I eat chinese food. But anyway, the second one said, "God will give you everything you want." And I was like, holy shit. That's a damn crazy coincidence if I ever saw one. It totally could just be a coincidence too. I mean, the chinese restaurant has pictures with George Bush all over the place, maybe they commission a Christian company to write their fortune cookies. Or maybe some douche over at the factory is totally trying to fuck around with me. Or maybe, just maybe, the creator of the universe is reaching out to me through chinese food.

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  1. Well, you did ask God for a sign if He exists! Guess you got your answer whether you like the answer or not..lol!