Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why doesn't the United States have more nude beaches?

Hi. So I haven't been on here a whole lot, obviously, but you know, school sucks and I'm busy and all my spare time is spent procrastinating.

Also, remember back to, "this blog is like a kick ass Christmas present that I just want to play with everyday?" Yeah, Christmas was four months ago, so it's safe to say that the thrill has kind of gone away. But it's a good present, so I certainly won't forget about it. Actually, to be honest, I wish I could write more often, but lately it's just been "ALGHIAOIENVOAEINRE SCHOOL," so there's not much creative energy flowing.

Anyway, I've been presented with two questions this week that seem good enough to talk about.

The first one was asked in my french class, so of course, it was in french, and the point of the question was to practice my knowledge of verbs in the conditional form, but whatever. The question was:

If you could be another person (any person in the world) for a whole day, who would you be?

Obviously, my answer was Ms. Frizzle, based on my recent fascination with a woman who owns a magic bus, but this later prompted some greater introspection. 

Who would I be if given this opportunity?

Part of me wants to say that I would be a pirate, but I don't think it's as fun as it looks when Johnny Depp does it. Scurvy doesn't sound like much of a thrill.
Another part of me wants to say something like, "Oh, I'd be Abraham Lincoln," but then I remember that he's dead. What do you think the odds would be of me being Abraham Lincoln on the day that he dies? 

Then there's the part of me that's all like, "Hell nah, I'd be myself." Because in reality, I'm the only one fully equipped to be myself. What happens to my body if I'm hanging around in someone else's? Am I just sleeping for a day? Do I just disappear? What? 

This brings me to the problems that I have with those movies/tv shows where two people switch places. Call me strange, but my first thought is always, "how do they go to the bathroom?" If I had switched places with an old man, for instance, I would be traumatised. Nor would I ever look at that old man the same way again. They probably don't have this problem in Brazil, with all those nude beaches and whatnot. 

I don't even remember the other question that was on my mind. 

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